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FAQ - Help & Questions

How can I find events happening near me?

Use search by city and venue, or click on “cities” in main menu and filter your country and select city. The search area will refresh and you will see a list of events in that city.
Make sure that you are using the best region settings for you.


Why aren’t any events in the select city or venue?

If you had no search results after selecting the city or venue, it’s possible that there may be no events listed at this time.


How can I search for events on specific dates or a date range?

The event search module allows you to search by common date options such as “All dates” or “This weekend”. If you would like to search for a specific date, please use “Date range” option.


Why can’t I find any events featuring a certain performer?

If you had no results after setting the option for a performer, or if you typed the performer’s name into the search input and had no suggested names pop up, it’s possible that there are no listings for this performer at this time.

Guidelines for Performances (Covid-19)

Green Pass and masks are no longer mandatory to access the theatres. 
However, for your own safety, we recommend wearing a mask.
Due to the constantly changing regulations, we recommend that you check this section periodically for updates and to verify which are the regulations in force before the date of your attendance.

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